A.J. LeGrand describes his music as "stories accompanied by cowboy melodies." Others have said that "his songs send [them] on an unpredictable emotional journey; exploring a myriad of genres from soul, to folk, to blues, to country rock--demonstrating his incredible gift for storytelling while telling them with the perfect amount of energy and passion."

Although he didn't begin to play music until just a few years ago, stories have always played an important part of his life.  Having grown up in very rural, agricultural locations, he was raised listening to the stories of lonely truckers, penniless cowboys, proud land owners, and the humble folk chasing the crops and the seasons.

"My earliest memories play through my mind like a film, backed by a soundtrack of Marty Robins, Townes Van Zandt and Willie Nelson.  My dad grew up ranching in Wyoming and was a farmer in New Mexico when my siblings and I were growing up, so those experiences, those tunes and those same connections with the land and with manual labor have always resonated with me."

Hearing those stories at a young age begat a curiosity and desire to experience the same sorts of things that these "ordinary yet inspiring individuals shared; out of what seemed to be an aching necessity."

LeGrand has always gravitated to those "ordinary yet inspiring individuals." This has led to a constant search for them as he's traveled across the US and the world with the hopes of sharing his songs and hearing their stories.

In 2013, LeGrand released his first EP under the name, Aaron Joseph Puzey, with producer Joshua James. The following year he moved to South America, where he stayed for two years, in an effort to reevaluate his work and in search of new experiences to draw from.

In 2016, he returned to American soil to pick up where he left off--equipped with a new drive, an expanded perspective, and in a new location; Dallas, TX.  Since January, LeGrand has been touring all over Texas, the South, and the East Coast.

With plans for a full album and an extensive US tour in 2016, be sure to keep track of A.J.'s tour and updates to hear his music, and share a story or two when he passes through your town.